Power Banks To Look Out For In The Year Of 2019

When you travel outdoors, like, for a long weekend, picnic or official meetings, you always need portable power banks with you for your mobile devices. Apart from this, you could always present a good power bank for your near and dear ones for their daily use. They are exciting, compact and use the latest safety measures to keep your phones and laptops safe too.

Today we have picked out some of the coolest and technologically advanced power banks that you could use in the coming year of 2019. So let’s just dive into it.

  1. Dual USB Power Bank 20000 mAh

High Battery capacity

This external battery charger has powerful battery storage and has a capacity of 20000 mAh that allows multiple charging of phones, tablets, etc. The Li-Po battery has a good energy discharge and can quickly replenish the device’s battery in no time – a convenient way to charge your devices while you travel with this portable charger.

Robust built

Made from aluminum alloy, this portable charger for iPhone has a tough built and prevents it from external shocks and damages. This keeps the internal circuitry and battery from getting impaired under rough conditions. Please do take care to keep this large capacity power bank away from moisture or water.

Portable and compact

Having only a dimension of 174 x 93 x 14.5 mm, this pocket power bank weighs only 500 grams. This makes it an easily portable charger to carry around to places of work and travel and a unique power bank. In this way, you will never run out of power while you are away from a power source.

Useful and user-friendly

With the lightning interface and microUSB charging, you can plug it to any power source near you and quickly charge this durable power bank in no time. The features are user friendly and makes this power bank a companion of your in time of need.

  1. Portable Charger For Smartphones 20000 mAh


Double USB

This is one of the coolest power banks of 2019 and with a dual USB output, this pocket power bank can charge two different devices at the same time without hampering the output charge. Simply put, you can be sure that this external battery charger can come handy when you need energy and can serve to be a multi-charger when you have more than one device to charge.

Great Battery

With an in-built 20000-mAh battery, this power bank for laptops can serve you for a long time and multiple charges too and happens to be the best portable battery charger online. When you are away from a power source, like when you go for an outdoor trek, picnics, official travels, etc. this high capacity power bank is one of the best things to carry.

LED Display

Given its compact size of 165 x 80 x 22 mm, this shockproof power bank for Samsung has a LED display to show the amount of charge left in the power bank. It weighs about 465 grams and has a compact shape making it easily portable

Built-in safety

Made from ABS plastic this external battery charger is has Multilevel protection against short circuit against under and over current and voltage, overheating and wrong insertion.

  1. Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank for Smartphones


Quick charge

Equipped with a quick charge feature, this best quality power bank can be charged in no time. This comes in handy when you are on the move and have time crunch. With certifications like FCC, CE, RoHS, this Quick Charge Power Bank is safe to use at all times, even in sensitive places like the airports and planes.

Powerful battery

This power bank for smartphones has a 15001-20000 mAh Li- Polymer battery.  Such a powerful battery is great for recharging your phones and laptops in no time and also can be used multiple times for replenishing your battery. Thanks to its input power rating, this 5V/2.4A portable phone charger has a stable output and does not damage the phones or other devices connected to it.

Dual USB

With the dual USB output, you can charge two devices at the same time with this portable battery charger. This does not hamper the speed or quality of charge and quickly charges your phone, laptops, tablets and other devices that need instant power.

Travel Companion

Weighing only 500 g, this travel power bank comes in a size of 158 x 83 x 25 mm making it compact to carry around while you travel. With built-in safety features that ensure the safety of the user as well as the devices, this incredible travel charger brings in a fresh lease of power to your daily devices on demand.

  1. Ultra Slim Power Bank Dual Smart USB Port for Smartphones

Compact Power Bank

If you looking for a powerbank online, then, this is one the best power banks that you need to look for. With a size as small as 91 x 162 x 12 mm, this 362 gram portable charger for iPhone is a great way to speed up your charging process without consuming much space.

A grade Li-Po Battery

With a powerful Li-Po battery of 15000 mAh, this portable phone charger is capable of charging your devices numerous times. With one of the coolest power bank design and circuitry, this ultra slim power bank proves to be one of the best out there in the market

Portable Power Bank

With useful certification like FCC, CE, RoHS and more, this portable power bank can be used anywhere you travel. One of the best portable chargers, this small and compact power charger is the way to carry around yourself in style serving your energy needs in the coolest way possible.

Double USB output

With the option of dual charging at a single point of time, this incredible power banks of 2019 is one of the best ways to keep your mobile devices fed on power. You can work with them all the time you need and can recharge this power bank for Samsung  easily when it runs out of battery.

  1. Portable Charger Dual Input Ports Power Bank for Mobile Phones


Durable and Fireproof plastic

This pocket power bank for Mobile Phones has a built-in IC that gives protection against short circuit, battery overcharge and battery over-discharge.  It also has other safety features like input Over-voltage protection, reverse charging protection, electromagnetic Field protection, etc. Made from ABS+PC plastic, this amazing Portable Power Bank is fireproof too.

High Density battery

This Power Bank External Battery has a built-in Li-Polymer battery of 5000 mAh with a stable and consistent charging capacity along with a high conversion rate and is one of the best portable battery chargers. Weighing only 230 grams, this is one of the most compact and lightweight versions of a power bank available in the market today.

Safety features

The power bank is compatible with Apple, Android, Samsung and other devices. In addition, has LED indicators that blink while recharging your devices.  As a part of safe charging the power bank has 4 LED indicators, which show the remaining power on this Fireproof Power Bank.

Temperature proof

Thanks to the smart integrated circuit in this external battery, the temperature of this unique power bank does not increase and create any hazardous conditions. This makes it easy for you to carry it even flights an along with other sensitive accessories that you use daily without any safety issues.

  1. Pokeball Shaped Alloy Powerbank


Aluminum Alloy built

This pocket ball shaped powerbank is made from aluminum alloy for durability and long life.  This makes it small yet one of the powerful chargers that you can carry around when you travel. This round alloy Power Bank of 12000 mAh has a massive capacity to hold power making charging multiple times an easy task and has one of the coolest power bank design too.

Pokeball shaped power bank

A fun portable charger for iPhone and power bank, this Pokémon ball shaped charger is an enticing one to look at. Inspired from the famous cartoon of the same name, this round charger happens to be a symbol for holding a mystical creature with immense energy from the animated series.

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Perfect Gift

Since these ball chargers come in different colors, this can prove to be one of the smart gift ideas that you can use when you need to gift some loved ones a really useful present. This ball shaped alloy portable battery charger is fun looking and can universally charge any smartphones or tablets.

Compact Power Bank

This super resistant Alloy-made Pokémon go 5V/2.1A powerbank is CE approved, ROHS Compliant certification and has a custom design and has one of the best power bank review online. This design makes it compact and small enough to carry it around without adding much weight to your daily routine.

  1. External Battery Portable Charger with LED Digital Display 10000 mAh

LED Display

This stylish portable and one of the coolest power banks in 2019 has a LED display that shows the charge left in the battery and the status while charging. Apart from this, it also has a LED light that can work as a torch to be used outdoors. This makes this useful powerbank functional and more user-friendly.

Pocket Fit

Thanks to its sleek size, the pocket power bank of 10000mAh Mini Power Bank with dual USB output ports is small enough to fit in your pocket. That means you can simply carry this slim piece of useful invention on your person at all times and be relieved of any recharging troubles for your phones and accessories.

LED Torchlight

The LED torchlight on this portable charger is handy and can be useful for hikers, bicyclists, campers and all other events that are recreational. Even in the wilderness, you will never run out of charge or light with this amazing and thoughtful piece of accessory.

Safe for use

This powerbank has an integrated circuit design with intelligent protection IC and can effectively prevent a short circuit or overtime charge, overcharge and over discharge making it safe for users.

  1. Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Waterproof Power Bank

This portable phone charger is a great travel companion with a built-in compass, dual LED lights, and a solar panel for charging directly from the sun. Along with this feature, the power bank has an eco-friendly silicon protects this powerbank from rain, shock and dirt – making it sturdy and weather proof.

Dual LED Lamps

This dual USB portable charger for iPhone and solar power bank can charge two devices simultaneously. It also has dual LED lamps that act as a torch when you are spending your time outdoors. The light is sufficient enough to bring out good visibility and can illumine things clearly in the dark.

Fast Charging

This polymer battery powerbank with torch has 2.1A charging, which is fast and reliable and proves to be the best portable battery charger around. In addition, the powerful lithium-polymer battery with 10,000 mAh is equipped with high charge protection and gives you more than 1000 recharge cycles.


Having one of the best power bank review,  this non-slip exterior keeps the power bank stable in place. The compass is detachable for the times you want to use it without the power bank and given such features makes this power bank portable. It also has a small ring to loop it in your belt or on the strap of your bag making it easy to carry around.

  1. Compact 20000 mAh Power Bank

Portable and Lightweight

Weighing only 500g, this 20000-mAh pocket power bank is easy to carry and does not take up much space. Made from lightweight plastic, the power bank has a petite size that enables can carry it around without any hassles.

20000 mAh Power Bank

The high power bank of 2019 has a capacity of 20000-mAh and can charge smartphones and tablets quickly. The Li-Po battery serves a stable energy discharge and gives you more than one cycle of recharging.

LED Display

The power bank for Samsung has a LED display that gives the reading of remaining charge in this power charger. This thoughtful touch enables you to access the amount of battery power left and timely recharge it.

  1. Universal LCD Power Bank 10000mAh with Dual USB

Quick Charger

A universal powerbank that can suit your battery charging requirements needs to be charged quickly. With improved efficiency and technology, this unique power bank proves to be one of the best ways to keep your phone and tablet batteries charged whenever you need.

ABS Plastic body

The high quality built, thanks to the ABS body of this portable charger, is one of the reasons why this high power bank comes as a durable and long lasting device. Also this power bank offers protection to the internal circuitry and thus keeps it safe for operation and protected from dust and moisture.

High Power Battery

The Li-Po battery of this portable charger for iPhone comes with a 10000-mAh battery with a high power discharge. One of the coolest power banks of 2019, this accessory can  be one of the best gifts that you can have yourself or give it as a present to your near and dear ones for their daily needs.

USB Type C charger

This ABS body power bank has a C type USB charger and happens to be one of the best power banks in 2019 to look out for. Grab this amazing unique power bank today and let it be your long term companion serving your daily needs.

  1. 20000 mAh Solar Power Bank

Solar charger

If you are looking for a power bank online that uses solar charging method, then this is one of the most unique power banks that has the best power bank review online.  Since there are not many solar power banks on the market that can perform well, this is one of the best with the coolest power bank design and a great life.

Li-Po Battery

Li-Po batteries have a good and stable energy discharge rate. With this best in quality power bank, you can charge your phones and laptops with ease and never worry about running out of power for your phones and laptops.

20000 mAh Battery

One of the coolest power banks of 2019, this Li-Po battery power bank has a 20000-mAh battery that holds power for multiple recharges of phones, tablets and laptops. Simply plug in your device and enjoy nonstop, uninterrupted supply of power without any hassles.

ABS Plastic

The ABS plastic body of this compact pocket power bank is shockproof and built to the highest quality. Weighing only 222 g and a size of 11 x 6.8 x 1.2 cm, this solar charger power bank has a LED light that you can use when you need light. Thus this portable battery charger is a useful tool while you are out there in the dark and can be a good travel accessory.

  1. Portable Large Capacity Power Bank 15000 mAh

Dual USB

One of the coolest power banks of 2019, this portable charger power bank has a dual USB output. This means you can charge up your devices in no time but also plug in two devices simultaneously without any problem. Thanks to the safety features, the power output of this portable phone charger is consistent and does not create any fluctuations in the charging process.

Power bank LED torchlight

This portable charger for iPhone is a multi-purpose device and has a LED to serve as a torch light. When Camping or hiking if you go off-road you usually need an external portable light source for many purposes. With this best in quality power bank, you do not need to carry an additional flash light and can save space.


Weighing only 265 grams with a dimension of 130 x 80 x 15 mm, this unique power banks has a small and petite size making it a portable and compact charger. With a fireproof design, this, power bank for Samsung, iPhone and other phones can carried safely to all the places you visit.

High quality battery

Rated as one of the best portable battery chargers on the market, this amazing pocket power charger has a 15000-mAh battery, which is more than sufficient to charge your phone in no time. It can also charge your phone numerous times on one single charge.


With all the above choices, you now have a good idea of the power banks that you have to select from. Let the year of 2019 begin with meaningful gifts and good wishes. Signing off on a happy note, we are sure that you will find our above selections to be a good value for the money.  And one you’ll love  to show to your loved ones.

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