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Buying a cell phone online is a great option these days. However, the accessories that you order from the cell phone provider are often priced higher as compared to the online sites that offer them individually. We agree that tracking down individual accessory item can be tedious and this is exactly what the brands take advantage of. They bring all the smartphone accessories under one roof and charge you higher; this stings your pockets especially when you are working on a budget.

So before you hit the checkout button on any webpage, visit for all the comparative prices on smartphone accessories here with us. You can see the real time price variation with us and opt for the best accessories from us at a discounted rate.

Here are a few exciting things that you can pick from us today:

Phone Cases

Got an iPhone? Worried about the scratches! Well, here’s the deal – we have some of the best soft silicone phone case that are trendy and attractive. But the best part is – the same phone cases are available at a much higher rate on other online sites. Here is a comparison of a Marble Pattern Soft Silicone iPhone Case:

Smartphonly – $8.99

Amazon – $9.99

Verizon – $ 19.99

You must not that the pricing range from a difference of $1 to almost $11. That is just the start. If you were looking for variety or seasonal gifts or something unique and nostalgic like this cool Cute Knitted iPhone Case that starts at just $9.95 we have a comparison of similar case product from Amazon below

Amazon – $19.99 – a whopping $10 difference.

Etsy – $12.59

Why send so much on something that is available with us at a much cheaper rate. Let’s get further on with the next time.


Electronic items like chargers are supposed to be a part of our daily lives. However, if you look closely every service provider online has a higher price for similar items.

Smartphonly – $8.99 (inclusive of shipping)

Amazon – $11.99

Samsung – $14.99

Best Buy – $29.99

The prices do not include shipping, which would add extra to the base price of the product.


Wireless headphones are a craze now-a-days. However, they are overly prized by many online retailers as well as shopping site. Here is a simple comparison of different sites including ours. Hope you can see that though the brands maybe different, the overall essence of buying a headphone for the common user remains a dream with huge difference starting from a minimum of $6 and keeps on going up.

Smartphonly – $13.99 – $29.99

Best Buy – $21.99

Amazon – $19.99

Holders & Stands

People all over the world commonly use a universal 360-degree phone holder in cars and other vehicles today. When you shop with us, you not only get the latest and exciting design but also save a ton of money with free shipping.

Smartphonly – $9.95

Amazon – $19.99

Best Buy – $19.99

Our products include shipping cost and we already have a great review of our products from reliable customers. Do check them out and compare the difference for yourself. The quality that you get with our simple designs serves you in the long run and makes it a reliable companion for daily use.

Power Banks

Another essential daily use smartphone accessories, let’s compare the different prices from various online arenas to our and show you that you can have the best price as well as an equally reliable product with us.

Smartphonly – $25.90

Amazon – $39.99

Best Buy – $74.99

The power banks available with us are quality tested and have multiple USB ports for simultaneous charging; often such power banks are priced at a very high price and are not easily available online.

Screen Protectors

These small screen protectors are a must have and a daily use smartphone accessories or component for your expensive iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series. Priced at a very all-time low, here is our comparison with other leading sites online. Take away the best priced screen  protectors with us today and save a lower prices while shopping with us.

Smartphonly – $7.95

Amazon – $9.99

Best Buy – $19.99


For music lovers and others who find music to be a part of their lives, Smartphonly brings to you a wide range of wireless speakers that you can sue daily. Be it outdoor trips, picnics or for home use, speakers from Smartphonly not only creates a good ambience but also gives you a great experience. Not to mention the low price deals that you can avail from us with free shipping to your doorstep.

Smartphonly – $39.99

Amazon – $54.99

Best Buy – $44.99


There you have it people – a glimpse of our low prized smartphone accessories for your daily use. Stay tuned to us for more updates. Be sure to follow us for all the low price deals; you never know which these items may go out of stock.

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