Coolest Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas In 2018


Last minute shopping can be hectic, especially when Christmas is around the corner. And this leads to a chaotic purchase of needless gifts that may leave everyone dissatisfied. For this year, we have picked up some of the coolest Xmas gift ideas for 2018 that can serve as an interesting Christmas present for you and your loved ones if you are late and already looking for some Last minute Christmas gift ideas. So let’s jump right in.


7.5W Wooden Style Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone and Samsung

A stylish yet rustic approach to your daily charging needs, the 7.5W Wooden Style Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone and Samsung can be an interesting Xmas gift for your children. A Last minute Christmas gift ideas, this is a simple and elegant, this plug and use device can serve you for a long time and also as a cool Christmas gift.



Pokeball Shaped Alloy Powerbank

Here is a fun way to charge your phones and tablets while on the move this Christmas; the Pokeball Shaped Alloy Powerbank can be Last minute Christmas gift and interesting one at that for your children. Small; and compact, these colorful devices can replenish your charging needs in no time.



External Battery Portable Charger with LED Digital Display 10000 mAh

This could be a Last minute Christmas gift ideas and the coolest 2018 Xmas present for your young ones. A smart, portable battery charger with a LED light, this compact and colorful item can serve to be one of the best practical solutions for your charging needs while travelling. A unique Xmas gift, this can be a good companion for people to move around a lot and need to charge their devices daily.



All in One Universal Plug Adapter for Travelling

Now this is one thoughtful, unique, Christmas gift that you can give to yourself! An all in one universal power charger, this device can be used across many countries and also comes with an incredible safety rating. And if you have limited power outlets, then this is one stop solution to plug in multiple devices into one single port. Surprise your dad or siblings by gifting this interesting Christmas gift this year if you are already behind in your purchasing.



Original Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone

A superb gift for this Christmas, the Bluedio wireless Bluetooth headphone is going to blow your mind. This could be one of the most interesting Christmas gifts of 2018 that you can gift anyone, including yourself. With the luxury ear paddings and brilliant sound output, these headphones are going to rock your world for sure. And if this happens to your last minute purchase, then we are sure with this Last minute Christmas gift idea you have nailed it for Christmas 2018.



Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Want to gift something unique this Christmas? Can’t figure out what to give and have run out of ideas? Here is a Last minute Christmas gift ideas – A mini portable Bluetooth speaker is one thing that needs to be there in your Christmas gift list for 2018. Brilliant in design with a soothing audio output, this device is a smart way to listen to your music. Or gift it to your children for this Christmas; elegant and practical way to enjoy some good music this winter, isn’t it?



Stylish Mini Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

An elegant gift for this Christmas, this 360-degree wireless speaker has an original design. This can serve you as a unique Xmas gift, and probably one of the most useful accessories to listen to music. Moreover, its decorative design is what catches the eye so easily. This can be a great Last minute Christmas gift idea if you are looking for something unique and don’t want to gift anything rudimentary.



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Marble Pattern Soft Silicone iPhone Case

Do you want your phone to have a rustic yet refined look? The best way to get that appeal is by choosing a phone cover that can accentuate that look. This Christmas, help someone dress up their phones with this marble pattern soft silicone iPhone case. An interesting gift, this can be one way to help someone else to ramp up their phone’s appearance. Grab this today and gift it to your friends this Christmas and make them feel special.



Cute Knitted iPhone Case

It’s the jingle season and Santa is here for everyone; even for your phone case. One of the most interesting, fun and unique Christmas gift for 2018, these knitted iPhone case can be the best way to dress up your phone this festive season. A warm and beautiful way to keep your phone safe as well as an affordable Christmas gift, these cool looking phone cases are the right gifts for your loved ones. With the 3D kitted motif, we are sure your phone will also blend in with the festivities this year. Not a bad thing for a Last minute Christmas gift idea, uh?



Bamboo iPhone and Apple Watch Display

A rustic display shelf made from genuine bamboo, this unique Christmas gift can serve as an iPhone holder and a display unit for an Apple watch. It can also double up as an affordable watch holder and give your desk an organized look – all at the same time. A perfect gift for your dad or brother, this display unit is a great practical Christmas gift for friends and family. Bring home the joy of Christmas this year by presenting this useful display case to your near and dear ones. Certainly one of the coolest last minute Christmas gift ideas we have listed.



Universal Car Wheel Phone Holder

A thoughtful, useful and a safe accessory, this universal car wheel phone holder can be one of the most interesting and practical gifts that you can give your loved ones this Christmas. With a convenient clip, and designed for safe driving, you can navigate your route without concentrating too hard on the phone. Made from durable material, it is easy to install and dismount effortlessly. This Christmas, show your care with this worthwhile gift and ensure that your near and dear ones ride safely.



If you are running late in your shopping, hope our Last minute Christmas gift ideas can come as a handy guide to some cool stuff available online. Come and celebrate the joy of Christmas with us and pick your fill. Happy Christmas y’all!


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